Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery or MICS is a technique used to do Cardiac Surgeries through small incisions or cuts on the side of the chest wall instead of the traditional way of cutting the chest bone in the front of the Sternum.

We have been doing this minimally invasive surgery for suitable patients for the last 10 years with a success rate of 99%. This technique needs a lot of expertise and our cardiac team is very qualified and proved to be one of the best. First of all, we need to evaluate our patients with the necessary CT Scans and MRI to judge the feasibility of MICS.

As the patient has to be on the Ventilation of a single lung for most of the time during the operation, the Pulmonary Function Tests have to be properly evaluated by the expert team. Once the patient is ready and prepared, the Surgery is planned with all vital monitoring gadgets connected to the patient and all safety and life support devices available. This is because the surgery is done through very small incisions and with special long instruments.

We regularly perform Single Bypass, Double Bypass, Valve Repairs, Replacements, and Closures by MICS. In suitable cases, we do Triple Bypass also through MICS.

Since this technique is shorter with very less blood loss and no breakage of bones, it avoids complications so the patients can recover and get back to work faster. Patients can usually go home within 4 to 6 days of surgery.