Liver Failure Causes and Treatment

This blog contains in detail about Liver Failure Causes and Treatment in Hyderabad, Telangana by Dr. PV Naresh Kumar

The Liver is the second biggest organ in the thoracic region and is the center for many important functions of the body. Its main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract and sending to the rest of the body.

The Liver also detoxifies chemicals, drugs, and harmful substances from the blood. The liver also has a role in the digestion of fats as it is responsible to secrete bile juices into the intestines. The liver also makes proteins for blood clotting.

Continuous exposure to harmful substances like alcohol and chemical drugs or infections from viruses etc can harm the liver leading to liver damage and failure. Liver failure is a very serious condition that needs immediate treatment as it can lead to a total loss of liver functioning. Unaddressed liver failures can also be fatal to the patients.

Liver Failures is also known as hepatic failures and can be broadly two types

  1. Acute liver failure
  2. Chronic liver failure

Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure is very quick and sudden damage to the liver usually with failure symptoms occurring within weeks or days.

Causes of Acute Liver Failure:

  1. Toxins from food( poisoning from mushrooms )
  2. Drug overdose of over the counter medicines like acetaminophen
  3. Prescription medicines
  4. Herbal supplements
  5. Viral infections (hepatitis A, B, and C)
  6. Autoimmune diseases
  7. Genetically passed on from Mother or Father

Chronic Liver Failure

Chronic liver failure is a slower failure of the liver over a while usually taking months or even years before the patient exhibits the first sign of symptoms. Often caused as a result of long term alcohol consumption, healthy liver tissue becomes inflamed over some time and slowly replaced with scar tissue called cirrhosis. With liver cirrhosis, the liver functions begin to fail.

Causes of Chronic Liver Failure:

  1. Alcoholism or long-term alcohol use
  2. Hepatitis C mostly spread by piercing or needle-sharing etc.

There are three types of Liver Failures due to Alcohol Consumption:

  1. Fatty liver disease: in alcoholic and obese people fat cells are deposited in the liver leading to fatty liver disease
  2. Hepatitis: Alcoholic hepatitis includes fat cell deposition, inflammation, and scarring of liver tissues.
  3. Cirrhosis: Excessive drinking causes cirrhosis which is the most advanced of all liver failures causing mostly irreplaceable damage to the liver.

Symptoms of Liver Failure:

  • Nausea and or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • Jaundice
  • Bruising or bleeding 
  • Edema (swollen legs with fluid buildup)
  • Ascites (swollen abdomen caused by fluid buildup)

Effects of Liver Failure:

  • Some patients do not show  symptoms until  the fatal stage of liver failure
  • Fatal stages can make a patient disoriented, drowsy, or even slip into a coma.
  • With ARLD(alcohol-related liver disease), toxins are built in the brain causing insomnia, lack of concentration and a decrease in mental functionalities.
  • Enlarged spleen, stomach bleeding, and kidney failure can occur due to liver failure
  • Liver failure can also lead to liver cancer in some patients

Treatment for Liver Failure

liver-failure-treatment in hyderabad

Treatment of liver failure is dependent on the stages and severity of the disease.

  • A healthy liver can grow back naturally if there is only partial damage with some lifestyle and diet changes
  • A  prescription of medications can help in very early stages of liver damage
  • In case of damage to a part of the liver, the damaged part can be removed by surgery
  • If the damage is too severe, a liver transplant may be recommended

Liver Transplant Surgery

A cardiothoracic surgeon is needed to assess the severity of liver failure and damage before recommending a liver transplant. The doctor will have to consider several factors to weigh the need for surgery. 

The medical team will look at factors like severity, other medical conditions like TB(tuberculosis), overall physical health, etc. to check if the patient is likely a transplant candidate or not. A transplant’s success can extend a person’s life while being fatal for an unlikely patient.

If you see any of the symptoms that are mentioned in the article you should see a doctor immediately. Early detection of liver failure is very important as it can be a silent killer.

In many cases, patients could not be saved as they could not see any symptoms until it was too late. With early detection of liver failure and proper treatment and lifestyle changes, one can lead a normal life.

Liver Failure Treatment in Hyderabad

Dr.PV Naresh Kumar and his medical team are very well renowned in the Cardiothoracic surgery in the Hyderabad area. Please contact the doctor in case of any questions regarding liver failure and feel free to book an appointment for a general check-up to rule out liver problems especially if you have been heavy on alcohol consumption over some time. Visit us at for more information about Liver Failure Causes and Liver Failure Treatment in Hyderabad, Telangana.

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