Heart Valve replacement in hyderabad

This is a complete guide to Heart Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

What is a Heart Valve?

The human heart has four chambers and four valves to control the movement of blood in the right direction.

  1. Mitral valve
  2. Tricuspid valve
  3. Aortic valve
  4. Pulmonic valve

1 and 2 are located between the upper heart (atria) and the lower heart chambers (ventricles). The aortic valve and pulmonic valve are located between the ventricles and the major blood vessels leaving the heart.

The valves open and close so that the blood is allowed to move forward from the heart and keep from flowing backward into the heart while the heart contracts and expands during the heartbeat.

When is Valve Repair or Replacement Surgery done?

A heart valve can be damaged or diseased for various reasons disturbing the blood flow through and from the heart and therefore impacting the rest of the body.

Valve damages can lead to severe conditions creating irreparable damages in cases like valve stenosis, prolapse, or regurgitation.

Symptoms of heart valve problems

The symptoms and seriousness may vary with patients. Some patients do not show any symptoms while some show noticeable symptoms, some develop severe problems in very little time and for some, the disease develops very slowly.

Even if the symptoms are not very noticeable or prominent if a valve problem exists it is always safe to get valve treatments done in time before it leads to any complications over time.

Some physical signs of the valve problem can include the following:

  • Palpitations of the heart because of rapid rhythms or skips in a heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in ankles and feet or swollen abdomen
  • Fatigue or inability to do regular activities
  • Dizziness/ Lightheadedness/ loss of consciousness

Diagnosis of heart valve diseases

A cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon will physically test the patients and can write for further testing such as Chest X-ray, ECHO(echocardiograph), EKG(electrocardiogram). Other tests also involve stress testing, cardiac MRI, cardiac catheterization, etc.

Treatment of Heart Valve diseases

Doctors may recommend a heart valve repair or replacement as a treatment depending on many factors including

  1. age
  2. the severity of valve disease
  3. general health and other conditions
  4. If the patient needs heart surgery for other conditions then a bypass surgery and valve surgery can be performed at the same time.

Heart Valve Repair

A heart valve repair is preferred over replacement most of the time.

Heart Valve Repair Procedure:

  1. A tissue patch is used to cover the holes or tears in the damaged valve
  2. A tissue patch can increase the support at the base of the valve
  3. Remove or reshape tissue so that the valve closes properly
  4. Separation of fused valve flaps for better movement

Advantages of Heart Valve Repair

  1. The strength and function of the heart muscle are preserved with heart valve repair.
  2. There is also a lower chance of endocarditis which is an infection most commonly seen after surgery.
  3. No need to take blood thinners, unlike the patients who undergo surgery.

Disadvantages of Heart Valve Repair

  1. Heart valve repair is very complex compared to surgery.
  2. Repair is not possible on all the valves. Mitral valves can be repaired while Aortic and pulmonary valves need to be replaced.

Heart Valve Replacement

Heart Valve replacement involves surgery to remove the faulty valve and replace it with a synthetic or a biological valve.

A Bioprosthetic valve gives a better quality of life and are made out of human or animal tissues and treated so that they are not rejected by the body. They need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years but they do not need the patients to take blood thinners.

On the other hand, Synthetic or man-made valves last longer than biological valves and need not be replaced. But the patients are required to take blood-thinning medicines for the rest of their life to avoid heart attack or strokes caused due to blood clots forming on the valve. There is also an increased risk of infective endocarditis with manmade valves.

Recovery After Heart Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery

Heart valve repair and replacement surgeries are done using minimally invasive techniques (MICS) nowadays rather than traditional surgery. Only smaller incisions are used in MICS and therefore less pain, less chance of infection, and also lesser amount of time is taken for the patients to recover. Usually, a patient is discharged within 3 to 5 days from the hospital.

Recovery time can be anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks.

Your doctor may also advise you to make heart-healthy lifestyle changes for better recovery:

  1. Reducing Weight
  2. Heart-healthy diet
  3. Stress management
  4. Increasing physical activity
  5. Quit smoking

Best Surgeons for your Heart Valve Repair and Replacement:

Any person with heart valve problems can benefit from repair or surgery when diagnosed on time and by the right treatment and diagnosis from the best doctors. Fortunately, competent, experienced heart surgeons aren’t very hard to come by especially Heart Valve Repair and Replacement in Hyderabad. Nevertheless, it’s important to meet the surgeons and learn about their experience and techniques to be sure to choose the best doctor before settling for the one we want to get our hearts treated.

Heart Valve Repair and Replacement in Hyderabad

Dr. PV Naresh is a pioneer in heart valve repair or replacement in Hyderabad especially in minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) who can offer surgical solutions that are not available at most other hospitals.

His team of doctors regularly takes on challenging cases in the heart valve repair or replacement in Hyderabad, “redo” operations. They have experience working with high-risk individuals, elderly, children, and other patients and welcome any patient with a heart valve problem to talk and check out their options of treatment and benefit from them to lead a healthy life.

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