Symptoms of Common Cardiac Problems in Children

Small Children (O-3 Years)
  • Baby Breathing very fast.
  • Easily feeling tired and not able to take a full feed.
  • Lips, Tongue, Finger Nails turning Blue.
  • Not gaining Weight and Remaining weak despite growing age.
  • A very fast HeartBeat is visible on the Chest wall even when the child is sleeping.
Older Children (3-12YEARS)
  • Easy Fatiguability and less activity.
  • Not gaining weight.
  • Blueness.
  • Squatting.
  • Swelling of Abdomen, Feet.
Adults and Oldage
  • Pain on the Left side and Center of Chest, just below the Rib Cage, Jaw Pain, Pain in the Neck region.
  • Breathlessness while Exercising or while Resting.
  • Pain on Walking Briskly or on Sudden Exertion such as climbing stairs quickly, which gets relieved on taking rest.
  • Swelling of Abdomen and Feet.
  • Reeling of Head or Giddiness.
  • Suddenly Collapsing at Rest or on Exertion.
  • Waking up at night in sleep for want of Breath.
  • Cough while lying down and has to sit up to set relief.
  • Comfortable in sitting position than lying down.

Symptoms of Emergency Heart Problems

  • Sudden Chest Pain that does not subside with rest etc.,
  • Sudden onset of Breathlessness with Cough, Frothy Sputum, sometimes Blood-Stained or Pinkish.
  • Sudden Unbearable Pain in the back that radiates downwards, associated with Chest Pain.

Symptoms of Emergency Lung Problems

  • Cough with Yellowish/ Greenish Sputum usually associated with Fever, Breathlessness, etc..,
  • Chest Pain without Cough.
  • Increased rate of Breathing.
  • Early morning cough sometimes associated with Streaking of Blood.
  • Coughing of Blood/ Blood Clots.

Other Diseases Which can mimic Heart-Related Symptoms

  • BREATHLESSNESS : Breathlessness could be caused due to various reasons such as Anemia, Nutritional Deficiencies, Obesity, etc..,

  • Swelling of Abdomen: Abdomen Swelling is not always related to Heart Problems. Careful examinations are needed to rule out the possibilities of other Diseases related to Liver, Intestines or Kidneys if a patient shows a swelling in his Abdomen.

  • COUGH : Cough is a very common symptom that can be due to Chest Infections, Sinusitis, Acidity or vomiting’s due to Stomach Upset.

  • CHEST PAIN : Many times Chest Pain could be caused due to Acidity or Gastritis. The pain due to Gastritis is usually aggravated by certain foods like Fats, Milk Products, Masala’s, etc, this by avoiding will be relieved those foods and taking some soothing agents like Antacids or even cold water. On the other hand, Chest Pain caused due to Heart Problem does not subside by a change in Diet or after using Antacids. If the pain increases in severity and is due to Heart Problem the patient becomes unstable and collapses or it can cause extreme discomfort that he needs to be admitted immediately.

  • Chest Pain can also be caused if there is a Stretch in the Muscles of the Chest Wall due to some Abnormal Movements. Such kind of Pain will subside on relaxing the Muscle and is not usually associated with other Heart Problem-Related Symptoms like Sweating, Breathlessness, etc..,