Complex CABG

Complex CABG includes those patients who come with more than one problem in their Heart and need two or more procedures. For instance, one problem could be the Blockage of the Arteries, and the other associated problems could be valve repairs, ventricular septal ruptures, etc.

Valve Repairs: we do Valve Repairs with results comparable to the best institutes in the world. Many centers opt for replacements instead of repairs. By going for Valve Replacement, we are limiting the life of the patient as only 70% are found to be alive after 10 years. By opting for repair we give the patients a near-normal life.

VSR means Ventricular Septal Rupture. This happens in patients who have suffered a very severe form of a heart attack due to which the wall or the partition between the two ventricles is necrosed and an open channel is established between the two. This leads to shunting of blood between the right and the left heart and causes severe heart failure which can lead to death if not operated immediately. We have operated such patients using the latest techniques called the SANDWICH PATCH technique with a success rate of almost 90%.

Left Ventricular reconstruction. This is done in some patients who have suffered a recent or past heart attack and the heart has become dilated in an irregular fashion, causing a condition known as LV Aneurysm. This is due to scar formation in the Damaged ventricle and that portion enlarges while the undamaged portion contracts normally. We measure the LV volumes using MRI and decide what volumes are required for a particular patient and reconstruction is done using composite graft and pericardial patch. Such patients have a very good productive postoperative life with an operative success of nearly 92 %.