Congenital Cardiac Repairs

Sometimes a heart defect comes with birth. Such Heart diseases are called Congenital cardiac diseases. These cardiac defects might be harmful to the patient’s long-term health or normal living. To treat these defects, congenital cardiac repairs or corrective surgeries are done. For different congenital heart defects different kinds of surgery practices are needed. All types of Congenital Cardiac repairs are undertaken. From the Simple ASD closure to the most complex Arterial Switch Operation we have a very capable team that can correct any type of congenital cardiac disease.

Some of the corrections that we do include :
  • Tetrology of Fallot Corrections
  • DORV Repairs
  • VSD Closures
  • AV canal Repairs
  • Paediatric Mital
  • Aortic Valve Reconstructions and Repairs
  • Abstains Anamoly Tricuspid Valve Reconstruction
  • Coarctation Of Aorta Repairs
  • LV Myectomies
  • BT Shunts
  • TAPVC Repair
  • PAPVC Repairs
Wherever suitable we do the repairs using the MICS Techniques.